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what time does burger king stop serving breakfast - burger king first introduced breakfast to its line up of offerings in the 1970s and today there are 22 different breakfast offerings at the chain but if you re looking to partake you ll need to get there during breakfast hours not at noon most locations of burger king open at 6 a m and begin serving breakfast at that time, burger king breakfast menu prices hackthemenu - t he burger king breakfast menu is one of the more diverse menus in the fast food realm bk sandwiches from the breakfast menu are made with either a croissant biscuit or english muffin they also have burritos french toast sticks and pancakes to choose from and even serve oatmeal from the bk breakfast menu, burger king breakfast sandwiches wikipedia - the supreme breakfast sandwich formerly the enormous omelet sandwich is a breakfast sandwich sold by the fast food restaurant chain burger king it consists of sausage patties bacon eggs and american cheese on a sesame seed bun