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mold testing biotoxin journey - updated on january 20 2016 step 1 mold testing the first step i m finally at a place where i feel like it s time to delve into each of the first four steps in dr shoemaker s protocol more fully as mentioned in other blogs the first step to recovering from biotoxin illness also, are you moldy biotoxin journey - updated on april 16 2016 take mold seriously i ve been meaning to write this post for a while years really ever since i started studying the work of dr ritchie shoemaker one point became crystal clear if you ve got a chronic illness lyme cfs fibromyalgia ms and so on it s an abso, noodor smell remover out - reusable bad smell removal deodorizers that work welcome to noodor com a premier global supplier of ecosmart energysmart healthsmart indoor air pollution bad odor removal products, product review concrobium mold control mold blogger - gallery ids 16781 16776 16777 16779 16780 16778 this review was a long time coming rather than a full review as we were planning this is going to be more of a product awareness post concrobium sent us two bottle sample kit a few months back but with the wedding in may and the move we haven t had time to do a test like we d been planning, smellrid reusable activated carbon odor remover odor - order risk free when you buy the smellrid reusable activated carbon smell remover pouch you do so at absolutely no risk it comes with a 100 satisfaction guaranteed warranty, avoidance of toxic unhealthy exposures holistic med - toxic and unhealthy substances such as mercury amalgam fillings pesticides aspartame artificial sweeteners fluoride and other poisons can have an emormous influence on the outcome of any holistic healing program and on one s health, examples of mold lawsuits mold blogger - lawsuits won against mold here are some examples of lawsuits resulting in high dollar awards to those who suffered because of toxic mold a group in california a group in california was awarded 1 3 million for claims against contractors that performed work so poorly it caused leaks and allowed mold to enter their homes two women in delaware two women in delaware were awarded 1 04 million, preparedness 101 zombie apocalypse blogs cdc - cdc blogs public health matters blog preparedness 101 zombie apocalypse sharing our stories on preparing for and responding to public health events, walls need to breathe and 9 other green building myths - musings of an energy nerd walls need to breathe and 9 other green building myths the energy nerd plays whack a mole with some common misunderstandings in home building, criminal minds series tv tropes - owen savage is the poster boy for this trope abusive cop father bullied due to being in special ed classes beloved mentally handicapped girlfriend was raped by a boy who got off scot free tricked into making a video of himself masturbating which other kids put up on the internet and escaped without consequences all under the eye of an apathetic police force and school staff, getting rid of paint smell house painting ct - getting rid of paint smell last updated on sunday 12 february 2012 06 48 by ermand sunday 12 february 2012 06 41 today s question comes from aaren aaren asks hi hope you can help my daughter s room will not stop smelling, horror r z critical condition - rabid grannies 1989 heavily edited at least here in the states but still outrageous horror comedy from belgium a group of relatives gather at the mansion of their wealthy aunts not grannies to celebrate their birthdays what a lovely bunch of people they are a mistrusting lesbian and her beautiful lover a cowardly husband and his wife and two bratty kids a lecherous nephew who hits, cases of chemtrail cough exploding nationwide - while everyone continues to talk about unimportant issues like ukraine mass shooters and bilderberg all distractions in my view the greatest environmental catastrophe that our species has ever seen is unfolding right in front of us and barely a whimper of resistance is forming from libertarians, the worldwide celluloid massacre extreme movies - don t be fooled by the reviews claiming this is an artsy giallo this is a surreal and extremely tactile movie about female sexuality and senses with no exploitation by way of an homage to classic italian horror, vincent van gogh and auvers sur oise - vincent met with dr gachet shortly after his arrival in auvers although initially impressed by gachet vincent would later express grave doubts about his competence going so far as to comment that gachet appeared to be sicker than i am i think or shall we say just as much